Pulse Wave Therapy

Pulse Wave Therapy


The pulse wave therapy is delivery of series of pressure waves (ESWT) placed on the affected area to dissolve, fragment arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and improve blood flow to the blood sinuses (compartments) that are responsible for engorging the penile shaft for improved quality of erections.

The “enhancement process” is cumulative requiring a series of applications/treatments. Results may not be immediate but taken place over days to weeks. Said results may vary due to many variables/causes of incomplete erections within each individual.

Used routinely in Europe for over 15 years, pulse wave therapy is a viable and non-invasive alternative to surgery (implants), long term (and expensive) drug therapy, testosterone supplements, or penile injection. This safe, non-invasive modality may also be utilized in conjunction with combined therapies as well. (Applications may be repeated at intervals also).

As stated previously, reduced fibrosis, arterial calcifications and “neovascularization” of the blood compartments of the penis improve efficient flow during the erectile phase to provide enhancement and better quality erections overall.

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