One Pulse Wave Therapy Session (Pain Management)

One Pulse Wave Therapy Session (Pain Management)


The Pulse Wave Therepy is delivery of a series of pressure waves (ESWT) placed to affected areas to dissolve, release and reduce fibrosis/crystal formation causing pain from arthritis and/or tendonitis.

This results in reduced/elimination of pain and/or improves range of motions. The results are cumulative requireing a series of applicator/treatments to the affected area. Results are not immediate but take place at time period of weeks to months. Results vary due to many variables in joint pain to each individual.

An excellent alternative to invasive therapy, addictive or toxic drug therapy in the long term, this “P-Wave” treatment may be used as a stand alone Rx, utilized when other therapies are ineffective or there are medical limitations on the patient. Relatively new to the U.S., this modality has been used routinely by many Sports Medicine Specialists with excellent results.

* limited to one area of the body only one can be purchased an additional can be purchased as a gift. ** 1 purchase per 6 months.